Seema- Breast Cancer Patient

After a screening mammogram led to a breast cancer diagnosis, Seema underwent chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. She turned to the American Cancer Society for help dealing with difficult side effects, then started her own support group for other women with cancer. “The thing that gives me power and strength is my deep desire to help others,” she said. “It makes me feel more in control. It gives me a purpose in life. I forget about being scared.”

Ritika-Stage III Pancreatic Cancer

When Ritika was diagnosed with stage III pancreatic cancer in July 2020, doctors told her chances of survival were slim. But against all odds, she made it through extensive treatment. She says, “Every day is beautiful and I’ve learned to look at things as blessings that I used to just take for granted. The shoes I put on my feet, the hot water when I take a bath – every single aspect of my life is a blessing.”