Dr Sudeep Garg

Dr Sudeep Garg is one of the leading surgical Oncologists in Lucknow city and currently “Head of Department of Surgical Oncology” at Vivekanand polyclinic and institute of medical sciences ,Lucknow. He has been in the field of Surgical oncology since 2012 (10 yrs exp) . He did MCh in Surgical Oncology from India’s Most Premier Institute- “King George’s Medical University Lucknow, UP” This Institute is amongst the best Medical Institutes in South Asian . The area of expertise includes advanced Open & Laparoscopic Oncosurgeries such as Wertheim’s Radical Hysterectomy, Radical Nephrectomy Radical Cystectomy, Open & Lap Abdominoperineal resection, Total Colectomy, Pelvic Exenterations, Open & Lap Oesophagectomy.Also competent in Hepatobiliary cancer Surgeries specially Gall bladder cancer.Additionally, a vast experience in Breast Cancer Surgery including Oncoplastic Breast surgeries such as Breast reconstruction.

Following breast conserving surgeries, reconstruction of soft tissue tumor ablative defects. He is a Leading Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon having to his credit being one of the surgeons to have operated the largest number of head and neck surgeries in this part of the country. 

Trained and has experience in dealing with complex head and neck clinical situations such as Skull Base tumors, Advanced Thyroid surgeries, Oral Cancer Surgeries and Laryngeal preservation Surgeries.He does all kinds of head and neck reconstructions including pedicle and Micro Vascular free flaps.On an average he conducts over 45-50 major and minor cancer surgeries every month and has been a part of over 5000 surgeries in his career since 2012.

Authored publications in indexed peer reviewed national and international impactful journals. He practices evidence-based medicine with emphasis on multimodal approach. It is his multidisciplinary team effort which gives desirable end results. His Motto is to provide a complete comprehensive cancer care with passion to all his patients.He is one of the founder member of Lucknow Oncology Association .He is also very supportive to patients with poor socio-economic status . He also likes to serve as palliative care expert in terminally ill patients.

Scope of Services

Diagnosis And Treatment 

The overarching field of oncology has a number of ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Medical oncology often uses chemotherapy drugs to attack the cancer, while radiation oncology relies on various forms of radiation therapy.

Head And Neck Cancer Surgeries

Head and neck cancers include cancers of the mouth (such as lip and tongue), the pharynx or throat and the larynx or voice box. Early symptoms occur as a lump or nodule, numbness, swelling, hoarseness, sore throat or any difficulty moving the jaw or swallowing

Breast Cancer ( Self / Clinical )

Breast Examination: Both during clinical and self-breast examinations, breasts are carefully examined for any abnormalities in the shape, texture, colour, lumps and discharge from the nipples. Mammography: Uses of low-dose X-rays to detect precancerous and cancerous growth in the breasts.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Precaution that have a low risk of spreading in the body might not need treatment right away. Instead, you might consider active surveillance with frequent monitoring of the cancer. Recommendation of blood tests and an ultrasound exam of your neck once or twice per year.

Meet Our Specialist

DR Sudeep Garg MCh (Surgical Oncology)

Specialist in various types of cancers like oral cancers,gynacological cancers,GI (stomach,colon,gall bladder, pancreatic), sarcomas,breast cancer etc.

DR Richa Srivastava MCh (Plastic Surgeon)

It’s a common misunderstanding that the word plastic in plastic surgery means artificial. The word comes from the ancient Greek word plastikos, which means to mold or give form.


Worked all important hospitals TATA Memorial Hospital Mumbai , PGI Chandigarh
Safdarjung Medical College Delhi

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Facilities Available

Cancer centers are specialty hospitals with a number of unique characteristics due to the type of patients and the services required to obtain this status.

Supportive Care For Terminally ill Patients

Services are provided from our side is health care professionals who maximize comfort for a person who is terminally ill by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Palliative Surgeries

It is surgical intervention targeted to make a patient's symptoms less severe, thus make the patient's quality of life better despite negligible impact on the patient's survival. It focuses on supplying the greatest benefit to the patient using least invasive intervention..

Chemo Therapy (Solid Tumors)

Treatment for solid tumors generally combines several types of therapy, which may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. To create the best treatment plan, need full information about person's specific tumor, including its size and location

Neoadjuvent and Palliative Intent

Delivers before the main treatment, to help reduce the size of a tumor or kill cancer cells that have spread. Palliative treatment is designed to relieve symptoms, and improve your quality of life. It can be used at any stage of an illness.

Biopsies ( Guided as well non guided)

An ultrasound-guided needle is a medical test used to learn more about a lesion or mass. The biopsy is done by using an ultrasound to find the lesion or mass. This is "image-guided" biopsy, which combines use of ultrasound with either a Fine Needle Aspiration.

Palliative Pain Management

Palliative care is used to manage a disease or medical condition that is serious or life threatening by easing pain and other associated physical, emotional, or psychosocial symptoms .It eases distressing symptoms, like depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia.

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Service Recipient Says

Dr Sudeep Garg is the best surgeon in Lucknow , Best surgical treatment & Facility at Vivekananda Polyclinic strongly recommend .. we are satisfied and happy with the treatment .

Priyanka Yadav

Dr Sudeep, I am always thankful from your services and medical concern about my mother as she was facing thyroid cancer from last 2 years but when she started with your treatment she is now out of threat. Thanks a lot for being with us

Archita Shukla

My father got admitted for his oral cancer surgery under Dr Sudeep Garg and makeover done by Dr Richa Srivastava. I really appreciate the way they handled the complications. Now my father is doing really good at age 76

Kuldeep Singh

Sudeep Sir, is one of the most humble, kind and humane Doctor I have ever encountered with. He saved my family by saving my mother of breast cancer. May Almighty Bhagwan bless you with utmost happiness, health, harmony and well being Sir.

Suneet Mishra